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15th August 2013

The Political Leader Dr. the Hon.  Keith Rowley extends congratulation on behalf of the People’s National Movement to Jehue Gordon and his support team for their Gold Medal victory in the men’s 400 meter hurdles at the IAAF World Track and Field Championship in Moscow today.

The 21 year old has now joined a long list of accomplished athletes who excelled to the highest levels in international sports and we salute him. This victory is as a direct result of hard work, dedication and most of all discipline, these are some of the values which the patriotic citizens of Trinidad and Tobago embrace in their daily lives.

This achievement comes at a time when the nation is in need of wholesome inspiration and we thank this young man for reminding us all, that great things are possible for those invest positive energies in their pursuits.

Once again, we join the rest of the country in paying tribute to yet another son of the soil who has put Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage and extend to him and his family our heartfelt congratulations.

8 August 2013 at 14:26

Internal elections are an integral part of the People’s National Movement’s (PNM’s) constitutional provisions which we engage in periodically as directed by the General Council.

In 2012 the Peoples National Movement via an initiative from the Political Leader Dr. Keith Rowley, successfully mobilised the Membership of the Party to endorse a new election system, which would allow each and every Member of the Party to have a say in the selection process, thereby providing them with an opportunity to have a larger stake in the affairs of the Party by voting for all positions on the National Executive.  We called it “one man one vote” and it was passed with overwhelming support from the membership at a Convention.

The Political Leader Dr. Keith Rowley has been one of the most progressive leaders that the PNM has seen.  This move opened up the leadership of the Party, the positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman, etc. to challenge from any member who is so inclined. This stimulation of excitement, enthusiasm and participation in the affairs of the party, is what was intended when this move was contemplated and brought to the membership for adjudication.

However, it is disappointing to note that concern is being expressed in the public domain about certain members who have chosen a period of heightened national political activity not associated with the internal election, to signal to the national community their move to challenge the Political Leader for a post that is not yet vacant, in a process which has not been triggered by the General Council. The Internal Election of the PNM is somewhere ahead of us but on a horizon well beyond a significant Local Government Election and a National Budget, which will cement the scandalous legacy of the current administration. Both of these are significant national events which the Party is working at, in order to ensure that the population is comforted that the PNM is looking after its interest.  To echo the sentiments of the Political Leader earlier this week, we trust that all Members will have their hands on deck and be focused on the business of the Party and country and not on the business of themselves at this time.  

As regards the Local Government Election, the PNM is prepared for whenever the Hon. Prime Minister chooses to comply with the law and sets a date for the Local Government Election. Our Candidates have been selected and they are on the ground working. We take strong objection to anyone using the public domain to disseminate mis-information about the Peoples National Movement, its organs and its internal processes. The PNM is currently, actively engaged in readying its machinery for elections so it can provide the people of Trinidad and Tobago with the best possible representation in all fora and at every occasion.


Franklin Khan

Party Chairman



The PNM National Women’s League wishes to publicly commend and express our unwavering support for our Political Leader Dr. Keith Rowley, in the Parliamentary Motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister and her Government.

Dr. Rowley has proven to be meticulous in his observations and research on the deeds and misdeeds of the People’s Partnership Government, and has thankfully brought much of the subject matter into the vision of the general public.

We fully support his call for a proper investigation into these emails, by independent agencies, to assist our Police Service in bringing a speedy resolution to the matter. 

Dr. Rowley, we stand with you in this motion of No Confidence in the People’s Partnership Government.




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