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The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) was established in the year 2005 and functions under the provisions of Act No. 24 of 2005. The Corporation is mandated by the Act to "Provide affordable shelter and associated community facilities for low and middle income persons." This is the first mandate of the HDC.

 The HDC is founded on the belief that decent, safe and attractive housing is central to the physical and emotional health, productivity and self-esteem of the people it serves.
The catchment group was outrageously extended by the former administration to include persons earning up to $45,000.00 per month. This has now been rectified so all applicants who fall into the target group of low to middle income earners under $25,000.00 per month will now benefit from a better chance of being selected for a HDC home. 
In achieving its mandate the HDC has its qualifying criteria set to ensure those with a genuine need gain access to homes. In this regard applicants must not own or have interest in another property and live in the HDC unit when successfully acquired. However, persons who earn close to $45,000.00 are likely to already own a home or not desire to live in a HDC community.  
The wild and baseless allegation by Dr. Roodal Moonilal to unmask a sitting Cabinet Minister who bought a HDC house in cash seems to be a cheap and desperate attempt to appear to the public as Opposition Leader material. 

This "hot air balloon" allegation was deflated by HDC CEO Jerlene John in a letter responding to a request for information by Minister Marlene McDonald based on this allegation in a newspaper article on November 17th 2015. The letter efficiently dated on the same day as the request highlighted that after examination of the files there is no sitting Cabinet Minister who owns a HDC home. 

The government revisiting the income ceiling from $45,000.00 to $25,000.00 is the first in a series of actions geared at restoration of our institutions and re-engineering strategies toward people centered development initiatives. 
Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has outlined the need for the private sector to play its role in meeting the demand for housing. Dr. Rowley also assured the population that the HDC's drive will continue to be aggressively building affordable homes for those who need it most.

The People's National Movement will continue to be committed to good governance and carrying out the mandate of the people, in the best interest of progress for all our citizens.

Ronald Huggins
Public Relations Officer

The two People’s National Movement’s Candidates in the Local Government Bye-elections scheduled to take place on Monday December 7th 2015 have completed their official registration this morning.

Ms. Merlyn Calliste is the candidate for Malabar South Electoral District while Mr. Travis Williams will contest the Auzonville/Tunapuna Electoral District.

Ms Calliste filed her nomination papers at the Arima Borough Corporation, Hollis Avenue, Arima while Mr. Williams completed his exercise at the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation, Centenary Street, Tunapuna.

Both candidates have already begun their campaign with walk abouts and cottage meetings in their respective electoral districts.

The People’s National Movement wishes to advise that following the Screening Exercise held at Balisier House, Port of Spain on Thursday October 29th 2015 Ms. Merlyn Joan Calliste was selected at the Candidate for the Electoral District of Malabar South in the upcoming Local Government Bye-Election in the D’Abadie/O’Meara Constituency.  Mrs. Calliste ia s former CEO of the Arima Borough Corporation.

With respect to the Electoral District of Auzonville/Tunapuna in the Tunapuna Constituency the nominations were not accepted.  The Constituency was asked to submit new prospective candidates.  The Screening for the Electoral District will take place on November 6th 2015 at 5:00 p.m. at Balisier House, Port of Spain.

The Party also wishes to announce that the Political Leader, Dr. the Hon. Keith Rowley in keeping with his pledge, has deposited his first month’s salary in the PNM building Fund. Details of the project will be released in due course.

The vacancies in the three Regional Corporations for the post of Deputy Mayor and Vice Chairmen were approved by the Leadership of the Party as follows:

Arima Borough Corporation                     -  Councillor Lisa Morris-Julian, Deputy Mayor

Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation    -  Councillor Paul Leacock, Vice Chairman

Diego Martin Regional Corporation         -  Alderman Mary Lou Ammon, Vice Chairman

The festival of lights which symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness is indeed a significant observance for all of our citizens. Divali is celebrated by Hindus around the world and here in Trinidad and Tobago we have a special way of celebrating religious festivals together.
Divali was made a public holiday in 1966 and every year we see diyas lit like stars in the sky. In every community we celebrate with our Hindu brothers and sisters. We look forward to taking our children to partake in the celebrations by lighting diyas placed on the creative and well-crafted bamboo displays.
The origins of Divali are based both on harvesting festivals and on the legends of India. Wealth and prosperity in an agrarian society like India was reflected at harvest time. The harvesting of crops meant prosperity for all. The end of the harvest and the start of a new one symbolized the beginning of a Hindu New Year. The triumph of good over evil by the Lords defeating the demons is reflected in the celebration of light over darkness.
Accompanying this rich religious and cultural history and these beautiful lights is the delicious Divali cuisine. Roti, curry channa, potato, chataigne, mixed vegetables, dhal, choka and mango talkari are some of the savoury dishes that are shared at Divali celebrations. The sweet tasting parsad, ladoo, barfi, goolab jahmoon, kurma and ras gulla are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We are truly blessed to enjoy this celebration together with the Hindu community and we commend the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC) formed in 1964, for its outstanding work with regard to Divali Celebrations. We look forward to keeping the Divali festival alive in Trinidad and Tobago for the benefit of all.

The People's National Movement joins with the Hindu community as we celebrate Divali, the festival of lights.
May your light so shine this Divali, so that others may see it and be inspired to be a light unto others!

Ronald Huggins
Public Relations Officer

People’s national Movement

More than 200 persons attended a special appreciation function hosted by the People’s National Movement last Saturday. The venue was the spacious and scenic Nia Valley Estate at Matilda, Princes Town, and the function was billed as ‘A Let’s-Do-It-Together-Evening’.

The event was hosted by the party’s Deputy Political Leader, Party & Election, Joan Yuille Williams, in appreciation of party faithful, supporters and benefactors who gave of their time and resources during the recent General Election campaign.

Specially invited guests represented the ‘Magnificent 7’ constituencies of Fyzabad, Naparima, Oropouche East, Oropouche West Princes Town, Siparia and Tabaquite.

In a brief address, Ms. Yuille Williams answered the question: Why Maginificent 7, noting that these 7 constituencies played a vital role in the elections of September 7th, which resulted in the PNM’s Dr. Keith Rowley being elected as the country’s 7th Prime Minister.

Ms. Yuille Williams added that while the ‘Magnificent 7’ candidates did not win their seats, they all won the hearts and minds of the people, and needed to be congratulated for their work, their success and their role in building the PNM of the future. She said that all who contributed to the PNM victory must be acknowledged and appreciated for standing tall and proud, relentless and strong, and rallying around the party against all odds.

Speaking on behalf of her colleagues, the lone female candidate Marsha Bailey recalled that she created history by amassing more than 8,000 in the Fyzabad constituency. She praised the other candidates for collectively increasing the PNM vote in all their constituencies, and for winning over popular support for the party.

Also addressing the gathering was Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Senator Clarence Rambharat, who raised a toast to the party’s Political Leader, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, in honour of his 66th birthday.

The formalities aside, the evening surpassed all expectations. Food and drinks were in adequate supply and, the entertainment was left nothing to be desired. The inimitable ‘Abebele’ opened the show with a full 45-minute repertoire of kaiso classics, extempo and R&B, while solo artiste Jason ‘Fridge’ Seecharan, formerly of H20 Phlo, rendered some scintillating numbers straddling several musical genres.

Moricia Kegan and Nigel O’Connor lead singers of the now defunct Divine Echoes literally brought the house down, as they served up a command performance of their own.

Following the live entertainment, house DJ Black Sheep kept up the tempo, as patrons danced well into the night, in the ambience and safety of the enchanting Nia Valley Estate.





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