Building a Nation Together


The Women’s league of the People’s National Movement celebrates all women on this International Women’s Day March 8, 2016 and commits to take action to accelerate gender parity through the theme ‘Pledge For Parity’.  In commemorating International Women’s Day, we join with the rest of the world in remembrance of the global social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women over the past decades.

Under this government, women’s overall participation in national leadership and decision making has increased exponentially. Our administration remains committed to ensuring that the equal rights of men and women guaranteed under the 1976 Republican Constitution remain intact. According to our National Policy on Gender, the status of women in Trinidad and Tobago compares favourably to many developing nations. In fact, it is evident that women’s political participation within this government far exceeds that of other political parties and international benchmarks.

The Women’s League recognises that much has been done towards achieving gender parity, and we proudly congratulate the women of Trinidad and Tobago; women who have proven success is not dream but a destiny. Globally we have made an impact over the past 50 years.  We have seen a steady increase in the number of women attaining tertiary education levels and we have seen women entering the realm of politics, business, science, technology and the arts.

We can boast of our own Lady Vice Chairman who was the first female to ever be appointed Minister of Planning and Development; accomplishments in Science and Technology with the likes of Maxine Williams who is the Global Head of Diversity at Facebook; we can speak of Dr. Camille Alleyne, an Aerospace Engineer, who is currently a PhD Assistant Program Scientist for the International Space Station and works with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In entrepreneurship we have women like Astrida Saunders and Lesley-Ann Jurawan who are female pioneers in the cocoa industry and in the arts, we have been blessed with the talents of the late Pat Bishop and modern textile artist Lisa Faye Sarjeant-Gonzales.

The Women’s League encourages everyone in Trinidad and Tobago  all women and men to pledge to take concrete steps towards ensuring that our women and girls continue to  achieve their goals, that there is gender-balanced leadership, that we respect and value our cultural and racial differences, develop more inclusive and flexible cultures and root out workplace bias. Each of us can be a leader within our own spheres of influence and commit to take pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity ensuring the advancement of our women and girls.




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