Building a Nation Together


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Message from The Political Leader Dr. the Honourable Keith Rowley.

It gives me great pleasure on behalf of the People’s National Movement to present to you our comprehensive Manifesto for the upcoming General Election.

As is our practice when in Opposition, we have spent the last five years developing the necessary policies and programmes to rebuild our country and our economy, restore confidence, equity and social justice, and enhance and improve every area of national life. The party in all its forums, including a special convention held in 2014 at the Hyatt Hotel, has spent countless hours in the formulation of policy and in the review and examination of proposals from a myriad of experts and professionals.

The end result of this exhaustive exercise is a wideranging and broad based suite of detailed policy initiatives, projects, programmes and measures that will lift us out of the chaos that has been created by the present Government, and put Trinidad and Tobago on a path to growth, development, social peace, economic stability and transformation, where all citizens will get their fair share of national resources and receive good, honest, equitable and transparent Government.

Where specific details of individual policy are not covered in this Manifesto, we will rely as a starting point, on the policy  prescriptions in our party’s comprehensive and well-documented Vision 2020 Plan, much of which is as relevant today as it was five years ago.

In summary, we in the PNM envision a society where integrity and morality in public life is of the highest priority and the Government serves the public good above all else, and where decisions are made and actions taken by the Government in the best interest of all concerned.

Our approach to governance in our next term will be data based, scientific, holistic and evidence driven, paying due attention at all times to the need for compassion, sensitivity and the respect for the rights and freedoms of all citizens in all matters of state.

May I also present to you our 41 outstanding candidates who are drawn from all sectors of our society; represent the highest ideals and qualities of our people and possess the integrity, competence and commitment that is obligatory for elected representatives.

May God bless you all and may God bless our Nation.


Download now in Adobe PDF format (12 MB)

View it Online here (mobile version also available)